… Increasing Visibility with Reviews and Ratings
… Maximizing my Digital Marketing
… Selling my .com
…. Buying a .com
…. Increasing and Optimizing Sales Efficiencies
… Raising Funds
Increasing Visibility with Reviews and Ratings
Amplify your voice with reviews and ratings
What is the best review platform for my business?
How do I generate a steady stream of 5-star reviews?
How do I make sure my reviews get seen by my target audience?
With four out of five consumers discovering new products and making purchase decisions based on reviews, online customer ratings are critical for influencing customer behavior, building brand reputation, and bringing credibility to you and your company. They’re also one of the most significant factors when it comes to search visibility.
With decades of experience and over 20 industry-leading reviews and rating sites—including,,, and many others—Jeev will help you create a realistic, executable plan for making sure you’re always top-rated.
Maximizing my Digital Marketing
Maximize your digital marketing with the optimal return on advertising spend (roas)
What's the best way to grow my brand?
What social media platforms should I invest in?
How can I find a digital marketing agency who would take me seriously?
A great idea in the boardroom can hurt your brand and cost you money. Google “digital marketing flops,” and you will come across the names of dozens of big spenders: Adidas, Dove. Facebook, McDonald’s, Nike, Pepsi, Sony and Starbucks–just to name a few.
What lessons can be learned? And how can you avoid making the same mistakes? As one of the pioneers of digital marketing, Jeev has seen it all. He’ll help you navigate the pitfalls, learn from the mistakes, Jeev has seen it all. He’ll help you navigate the pitfalls, learn from the mistakes of others, understand the latest trends, and guide you through finding the right strategy and channels to deliver an amazing customer experience.
Selling my .com

Get the price you deserve

What's the best platform for selling my online business?
What do buyers look for when buying a dot-com?
What should I do before putting my online business on the market?

There are dozens of online marketplaces to buy and sell online businesses. Speciality brokers vet both parties, determine market value, and manage the financial transactions. There are also free, low cost exchanges where buyers and sellers find each other, perform due diligence, and complete the purchase without a broker’s aid.

What’s the best option for you? Or is there a better way? Over the years,  Jeev has bought and sold dozens of online businesses in one form or another. Take advantage of his experience to make sure you get the best price of your investment.

Buying a .com

Get expert guidance to buy a .com

Should I buy a online business or start from scratch?
How do I calculate the value of an online business?
How do I manage the risk of negotiating with a seller on the other side of world?

Buying an online business can run into million of dollars. Just as you would if purchasing a brick and mortar business, you need to evaluate the company’s business model, age, niche, competitors, website traffic, link profile, profit, growth, trends, and dozens of other criteria.

Lost? Don’t worry, Jeev has been buying online businesses for over 20 years. He knows how to spy out a great opportunity, when to avoid that great looking opportunity that’s not, and how to mitigate the risks of buying an online business.

Increasing and optimizing Sales Efficiencies

Increase and optimize your Sales Efficiencies

How can I increase the lead flow to my business?
How can I increase my conversion rates?
What's the best way to train my sales team?

With 65% of B2B businesses citing sales inefficiency as their #1 business challenge, a cookie cutter approach won’t do. An inefficient–and ineffective–sales strategy costs businesses billions of dollars in lost revenue each year.

With a passion for understanding sales inhibitors and ways to overcome them, Jeev will explore your business opportunities, target markets and competition. Along with you and your sales team, he’ll guide you through identifying, implementing and executing the right strategy to create differentiation, amplify your voice and hit your sales target every quarter.

Raising Funds

Raise funds with the expert

What's the best funding option for my business?
Are incubators or accelerators programs best for my startup?
What works when approaching angel investors and capitalists?

Turning that one, great idea into a thriving business takes capital—lots of it! But over 90% of new businesses fail within their first year. Unsurprisingly the main reason is a lack of funding.

Over the years, Jeev has started dozens of businesses. While some have thrived and others failed, the best learning experience came from failures. Jeev will share what’s worked and what hasn’t across different ventures, business models, and economic climates, sharing his wealth of knowledge to help you choose the right strategy for raising funds.