Exposed from an early age to an array of diverse cultures, belief systems, and behaviors, I’ve enjoyed more than a few breaks in life. Now it’s time for me to pay it forward.

Jeev Trika
CEO of e-ventures Worldwide and dozens of Reviews & Ratings Platforms


A digital marketing expert, serial entrepreneur, and owner of dozens of “go to” reviews and rankings websites, Jeev Trika is well known for launching disruptive online businesses and taking them to the top. Author of Buyer's Guide on Choosing the Right Search Engine Marketing Agencies & Tools, his many successful e-business ventures have been built from the ground up based on strategic insights, a reliable roadmap, and aggressive execution … along with the right timing and a little bit of luck.
Now it’s your turn! Take advantage of Jeev’s experience and pave your way to success.
“Given the rapidly evolving digital and financial landscape driven by the unprecedented global conditions of 2020, I’ve decided to focus on helping entrepreneurs and startups cut through the %$^& of starting or growing their online business by sharing my wealth of knowledge. All you have to do is Ask Jeev!
Jeev Trika

Author, Serial Entrepreneur, and Digital Marketing Expert

Ask Jeev!

“There’s no such thing as a stupid question.”

Got a great idea, but don’t know what to do with it?

Ask Jeev! The visionary behind topseos.com, Jeev disrupted the review space with sponsored, pay-for-position ratings. Severely criticized at the time, what he pioneered is now the standard best practice for tens of thousands of websites around the world.

Ask Jeev to help you become the disruptor in your space with revolutionary, first-to-market insights.

Need a growth strategy for your business, but don’t know who to ask?

Ask Jeev! Whether it’s “How can I increase the lead flow to my business?” or “How can I increase my conversion rates?” Jeev can leverage years of online and strategic sales experience to help drive business growth.

Ask Jeev for help implementing groundbreaking sales strategies and disruptive, digital marketing campaigns that capture attention, drive engagement, increase profits, and fuel growth.

Want to buy, sell, or flip domain names, but don’t know how?

Ask Jeev! Slice through the noise of tipsters and big talkers by going straight to the expert. The owner of hundreds of domains, Jeev knows what works, what doesn’t, and who to talk to.

Ask Jeev to help you find the right domain for your dot-com. Whether it’s buying, selling, or flipping, Jeev has the know how to help you make the decision that’s right for you and your business.


Jeev demonstrates leadership based on his expertise, striving to excel beyond perceived limitations and making the most of his vast experience in research and marketing.
Willliam Beynon

Partner, President & CEO, Capital Wealth Advisors

I’ve come to know Jeev as a family man, businessman, professional, and friend. I value my friendship with Jeev and have the utmost respect for him.
Tim Nash

Vice President, Financial Services

Jeev is all about knowledge sharing. Whether it’s SEO tricks and techniques or a new tool to ensure my team is spending 85% of their time doing the work they love, if Jeev’s got it, he’ll share it.
Robbie Selby

Director, Outdoor Fun

Jeev has insight and gifts that surpass his years, a competitive nature and determination that cannot be beaten. He’s rightfully earned the respect of everyone both in his company and in the industry.
MJ Kay

Former Employee. Toll Brothers

Working with Jeev is a real pleasure. He is always straight forward and clear.  I appreciate his drive and his willingness to help others reach their goals
Mark Solomon Bitton

Vice President. GMS Group, LLC

Jeev inspires me to work hard and love what I do. He’s energetic and passionate, with an amazing ability to focus and a business acumen that’s forward-looking. He’s fantastic to work with.
Manuel V.

Client Success Partner, Gartner

Knowledgeable on many subjects, Jeev’s focus and determination have enabled him to meet his business goals. His unwavering dedication to his customers helps him bring many resources to bear to efficiently, effectively, and flawlessly reach his objectives.
Kevin P. Gluntz

Partner. FisherBroyles, LLP

Very creative and a natural deal maker, Jeev is driven and hardworking with an engaging personality and excellent communication skills. I really enjoy both our personal and professional relationships.

Jay Scott

President, Solomon Real Estate Group

Goal-oriented, diligent, and driven, Jeev is a consistently hard worker with a great attitude towards life and people. As a savvy investor, he enjoys learning new things, carefully weighing up the odds before making a calculated move.

Jason Anderson

Head Coach & Director of Personal Training 

I hired Jeev at a community-based computer learning center, Crossroads Academy, back in the early 2000s. He worked hard as an Assistant Director, but it was his commitment to creating a business on the side that really impressed me. We’ve been friends for over 15 years, and it’s great to see how his hard work and persistence has paid off. 
Greg Renz

Financial Consultant

Jeev sees the angles, understands the issues, and makes good decisions. He doesn’t operate on emotions or gut. He operates on experience, education, and the particular facts at hand.
David Fraser

Partner. Holmes Fraser, PA

Author of Buyer’s Guide on Choosing the Right Search Engine Marketing Agencies & Tools, Jeev Trika’s many successful e-business ventures have been built from the ground up based on strategic insights, a reliable roadmap, and aggressive execution … along with the right timing and a little bit of luck.